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We merge design, technology and functionality

into holistic lightweight solutions.

Shaping the future of lightweight products

Lightbau Engineering develops customized and highly efficient lightweight components across industries using disruptive approaches. We think “additive” from the outset, break down the limitations in product design and use the innovative power of bionics to minimize the material usage. In doing so, we support our customers along the entire engineering process – from the idea to the finished product.

Benefit from the great advantages of revolutionary bionic design.


We develop customized and highly efficient solutions for every application.

To Product Development


Weight saving, function integration, component consolidation and much more.

To Part Optimization


Individual and flexible capacities for Bionic Design & conventional CAD design.

To CAD-Design


Structural mechanics simulations increase both productivity and efficiency.

To FEM-Simulation


We help our customers to identify and exploit the potential of lightweight design & additive manufacturing.

To Lightweight Consulting


Together with our partners we offer additive manufacturing (plastics & metal) as a service. 

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bionic design
Tailor-made design, needs-based procurement

Bionic Design and Additive Manufacturing as innovation drivers

Benefit from the brilliant possibilities offered by additive manufacturing processes in the context of application-optimized lightweight solutions. With our know-how, we realize highly efficient components through the smart combination of bionics with industrial 3D printing. We help you to recognize the potentials, to use them optimally and to substantially increase your efficiency.

Unleash the power of generative lightweight solutions.

Sustainable and
efficient lightweight solutions.

Shorter time to market
thanks to virtual engineering.

Unique design possibilities 
due to layered manufacturing.

High productivity thanks to
application-optimized design.

Customized function integration.

High degree of customization
for all applications

Experience bionics in lightweight optimization

Our simulation-based process chain can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and optimization goals. Geometries tailored to the application are created in several iteration loops. The highly efficient bionic design is characterized by high performance with minimal material usage. Thus, a direct dependency between material application and functionality of the component is created.

Initial Component Bionic Design
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: SLM

Initial Component Bionic Design
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: SLM

Initial Component Bionic Design
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: SLM

Initial Component Bionic Design
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: SLM

Additive manufacturing offers enormous potential for bionic design and lightweight-optimized components.

Take advantage of the great benefits for your use case.

Weight reduction

Our processes ensure a direct dependency between functionality and material application. Engineering inspired by nature.

Optimized functionality

We increase the performance of your components through the intelligent integration of new functions.

Lower costs

The application-optimized component design saves manufacturing costs as well as operating expenditures.

Improved process dynamics

The targeted reduction of the moving mass leads to a significant improvement in the process dynamics.

High individualization

Using the design freedom of additive manufacturing enables the economic implementation of unique selling propositions.

High resource efficiency

Minimum use of materials with maximum performance. The lightweight construction saves energy and conserves resources.

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