Consolidating unique and application-specific functions into a single component.

Empower your designs: Elevate with Functional Integration

Function integration seamlessly incorporates tailored functions into existing components, involving a redesign and optimized additive implementation.

Optimization options span from simple assembly aids like snap-on fasteners to integrating sensors and complex channels for flow-optimized guidance of various media.

In synergy with part consolidation, this methodical approach is essential for sustainable resource efficiency and achieving high levels of lightweight construction. We’re here to support you every step of the way


Advantages of functional integration

Enhanced Efficiency

Complexity optimization

Weight reduction

Innovation friendliness

Cost efficiency

Unlimited customization

Optimize with functional integration

Integrating extra functions aims to optimize the entire value creation process, resulting in product enhancements and maximized customer benefits. Industrial 3D printing’s unique capabilities make this achievable without a significant rise in manufacturing costs, as highly complex components are inherently suited for these processes.

Additive Fertigung - 3D Druck

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