Tailor-made cooling solutions


Realization of cross-technology temperature control solutions using CFD simulations and additive manufacturing.

Conformal cooling - Technological progress through additive manufacturing processes

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to implement previously unfinishable geometries precisely, quickly and without tools. Particularly in the case of injection molds, additively manufactured inserts enable cooling channels to be brought very close to the contour of the cavity.

We take advantage of this technological progress and open up undreamt-of potential for our customers through the customized design of flow-optimized channel geometries.

Benefit today from the great advantages of conformal cooling.


Unleash the power of conformal cooling solutions.

Improved cycle time

Better parts quality

Reduced distortion in the component

Less rejects

Project insight: Optimized tool insert

With conventional cooling methods for injection molds and die casting tools, there is usually the problem that the cooling medium must flow through channels drilled at right angles with sharp bends and abrupt changes in cross-section. At the same time, due to the manufacturing process, often not all relevant points requiring cooling are reached. This results in a longer cycle time as well as increased distortion problems on the component.

In this context, conformal cooling is an innovative and practical approach to increase the efficiency and profitability of your tools.


Konventionelle Temperierung

Turbulence at the bore transitions leads to pressure loss and worsens the flow behavior.


Konventionelle Temperierung

The pressure loss in the mold results in suboptimal cooling performance and thus a high cycle time.


Konturnahe Temperierung

The optimized flow behavior of the coolant enables fast heat exchange.


Konturnahe Temperierung

The homogeneous temperature distribution in the mold enables a significant reduction in cycle time.

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