From the idea to the finished component

PART DEVELOPMENT for lightweight solutions

Fast and reliable part development of high-performance lightweight solutions for every application.

part development

Into the age of highly efficient and unique products with generative part development.

Unlock the next level of perfection for your components through generative part development. Our expertise in this groundbreaking process ensures the creation of custom components precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Witness the difference as we bring your projects to a whole new level!

part development

Unleash the power of generative lightweight solutions.

Sustainable and
efficient lightweight solutions.

Shorter time to market
thanks to virtual engineering.

Unique design possibilities 
due to layered manufacturing.

High productivity thanks to
application-optimized design.

Customized function integration.

High degree of customization
for all applications

Step into the future with ground­breaking part development

With our swift and dependable generative solutions, we redefine lightweight design. Whether you seek innovation for extreme conditions or high-performance solutions for everyday needs, we’ve got the ideal answer for you! Let’s delve into the potential of generative part development together, ensuring the success of your project!

part development

Part development - Step by step to success.


During the first project phase, knowledge transfer takes place with a view to your individual defined requirements and goals.
Step 01


Based on your requirements, we work out several concepts and then compare them together depending on relevant parameters.
Step 02


Based on process-related information and your specifications and requirements, our engineers define the maximum design space.
Step 03


Simulation is a cornerstone of our digital process. For this purpose, the individual load cases must be determined and the model must be buildt.
Step 04


With our know-how in the use of modern FEM simulations, the component is perfectly tailored to your individual application.
Step 05


The individual component is hedged by simulation. All verifications are simultaneously summarized in an overall documentation.
Step 06

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