Part consolidation

Save costs with part consolidation and additive manufacturing.

Part consolidation as an essential component of lightweight design

Tool-less manufacturing using additive processes enables the consolidation of several individual components into one part. This allows complex assemblies to be simplified and supply chains and production steps to be streamlined. If desired, the consolidated assembly can be further optimized, for example to achieve significant weight savings.

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Advantages of part consolidation

Fully functional assemblies

Reduction or elimination of tooling, assembly and storage costs

Implementation of short-term geometry adjustments

High material diversity, both in the plastic and metal sectors

Application of highly complex geometries to increase performance

High degree of customization
for all applications

Limitless part optimization with additive manufacturing

In addition to consolidating several individual parts into a single component, we always strive to exploit further optimization potential. In particular, bionic-inspired component optimization promises significant weight savings. At the same time, additional functions such as flow-optimized cooling channels can be integrated. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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