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Lightweight consulting

Let us systematically identify suitable components with our lightweight consulting service. Engineering and manufacturing from a single source.

Our offer: Transparent consulting services for outstanding lightweight solutions

We help you to identify suitable components step by step and are happy to advise you on the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing processes for your individual application. In the course of our lightweight consulting, we specifically address the most important innovation drivers: Weight reduction, performance optimization, function integration and component consolidation.

Additive Manufacturing - The advantages at a glance


Direct production on the basis of CAD data allows us to guarantee very short delivery times from 24 hours. There is no need for tools at all.

High Performance

Additive manufacturing coupled with the innovative power of nature enable the performance of your components to be significantly increased.


The design freedom of additive manufacturing allows your products to be meticulously tailored to your exact requirements.


From the large material­ variety, the suitable material for each application­ case can be determined individually.


Additive manufacturing enables the implementation of complex components that would not be feasible conventionally.


Production-optimized components in small batch sizes help you to exploit significant savings potential.

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Sustainable value creation

Industrial 3D printing offers brilliant design freedom. The new possibilities initiate a high increase in efficiency on several levels. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the weight saving with simultaneous performance increase through suitable component design. At the same time, rapid manufacturing is enabled. While conventional manufacturing processes require the use of individual molds and special tools, the geometry is generated directly from the CAD data set in the course of additive processes.

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Lightweight consulting: Special features of component identification

Compared to conventional manufacturing processes, the costs in additive manufacturing are almost detached from the component complexity. Manufacturing costs are much more defined by the component volume and in particular by the component height. At the same time, the one-off costs are negligibly low due to the mold- and tool-free production, even for small quantities.  As a result, industrial 3D printing can develop its potential especially with increasing component complexity and small batch sizes.

With 3D printing as a key technology to sustainable value creation.

Designated areas of application

Additive manufacturing processes have versatile areas of application. In the field of medicine and prosthetics, industrial 3D printing with its fulminant advantages offers enormous potentials to realize individual and customized solutions. While the areas of application in mechanical engineering have yet to establish themselves, the automotive industry as well as the aerospace industry are already benefiting from the performance of additive manufacturing. Higher stability, fuel savings through lightweight construction, high functionality and new possibilities in product design are just some of the advantages resulting from its use.

For the first time, the technology makes it possible to develop solutions that are both filigree and stable in a cost- and time-efficient manner. This represents an enormous quantum leap for lightweight construction in particular. At the same time, its use during development has revolutionized prototype construction, as components can be procured faster and more cost-effectively.



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