Step by step to the optimum.


Part optimization of existing components inspired by nature - maximum performance with minimum use of materials.

Simulation-based part optimization

The design freedom in the additive manufacturing environment makes it possible to focus on the functionality of your components without compromise. The smart use results in high weight savings with simultaneous performance optimization. Take advantage of the enormous potential of simulation-based part optimization.

Break new ground with bionics and 3D printing.

Topology optimization

We deliver individualized solutions that drastically reduce material con­sumption. Highly efficient lightweight optimization for every application.

Functional integration

By integrating application specific functions into your components, performance can be further optimized in addition to lightweight optimization.

Conformal cooling

Development of cross-technology temperature control solutions using flow-optimized concepts and additive manufacturing.

Part consolidation

Intelligent design solutions make it possible to consolidate several components into a single part and create cost-saving synergy effects.

Step by step to the optimum: Part optimization.

1. Reference

Referenzbauteil zur Optimierung hinsichtlich Leichtbau

Material: AW EN 5083
Manufacturing: CNC

2. Topology optimization

Topologieoptimierung im Zuge der Bauteiloptimierung einer Greiferbacke

Material: AlSi10Mg
Terms: Target mass -60%, max. Stiffness

3. Bionic Design

Greiferbacke in Leichtbau-Ausführung mittels Bionik und Additive Fertigung
- 0 %
Weight saving

4. Modell hedging

Festigkeitsnachweis eines optimierten Bauteils

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: Selective laser melting (SLM)
Factor of safety: 3,6

Minimum use of materials, maximum performance.

Take advantage of the great benefits.

Experience the benefits of bionic lightweight design

Lightweight hinge from the automotive sector

Referenzbauteil zur Leichtbau-Optimierung Bauteiloptimierung eine Türscharniers aus Titan hinsichtlich Leichtbau
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: Titan
Manufacturing: SLM

Cooperation partner:

Referenzbauteil zur Leichtbau-Optimierung Bauteiloptimierung eine Türscharniers aus Titan hinsichtlich Leichtbau
- 0 %

Material: Titan
Fertigung: SLM


Vibration and lightweight optimized test rig component

Initial Component lightweight optimization
- 0 %
Weight savings

Material: AlSi10Mg
Manufacturing: SLM

Referenzdatensatz für die Bauteiloptimierung lightweight optimization
- 0 %

Material: AlSi10Mg
Fertigung: SLM

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Leichtbaustrukturen zur Optimierung des Materialeinsatzes

Our digital process is tailored to each project

Our component optimization is based on the use of modern simulation tools taking into account the loads that occur. Thus, a direct dependency between the material application and the functionality of the component is created.

Our ambition is to deliver customized and high-performance solutions through the use of bionic lightweight structures that enable high resource efficiency. For the maximum exploitation of optimization potentials, we use the technological progress of additive manufacturing processes.

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